The popular AIDA64 (formerly Everest) a hardware and software information exploring utility is now also available for Android devices. A good edition among already available similar applications at Play Store. Like PC version, AIDA64 for Android can explore almost all information encoded by manufacturers in their products running inside your devices. AIDA64 supports Android phones, tablets and also smartwatches and Android powered TVs.

Developer: FinalWire Ltd
Current Version: 1.52
Supported OS: Android 4.0 and above

Safe APK: AIDA64 APK was fetched from Play Store and published here without any modifications. See its hashes on download page.
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App Screenshot:
AIDA64 - Android Picks

AIDA64 app has got quite easy and responsive user interface. The forward and backward navigation is easier while checking system details. The core features included in this app are CPU detection and real-time core clock measurement. How fast is your CPU, you can check through this app and how its cores and threads are being used can also be observed live. The complete information about CPU make and architecture details can also be found with this app. Display screen information including screen dimensions, pixel density, and manufacturer information can be seen. Real-time GPU clock measurement, Open GL, GPU details including make, GPU clock range, refresh rate and architecture can be found. Battery details including charging source, battery level, health, temperature, voltage and technology of battery is displayed under battery section. Network information includes exploring WiFi and cellular network details. All details related to your device operating system can be checked using AIDA64.

Some other worth noting features included in AIDA64 are memory and storage details, SoC and device model identification, PCI, USB, CUDA, OpenCL device listings, listing of installed apps, codec and system directories and Android wear module a native app for watches. With AIDA64 find all the information related to your device sensors, thermal values of CPU and GPU, battery etc and most of all get complete details about your phone or tablet front and back cameras. So, if you have not yet tried AIDA64 for Android, grab it and see what this freeware app can do for you. (Note that sometimes, information regarding a hardware might be displayed incorrect. That could be due to the wrong information encoded by manufacturers. In that case, you may report the error to AIDA64 from about page to let them correct that in upcoming updates)

What’s New:
– Remaining charge time information for Android 9+ devices
– Intel GT GPU clock information
– Improved PowerVR SGX current GPU clock measurement
– Support for heart beat sensor, motion detection sensor, off-body detection sensor, pose sensor, stationary detection sensor, uncalibrated accelerometer sensor
– Improved support for uncalibrated gyroscope sensor and uncalibrated magnetic field sensor

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Fixed: Google Play Services v7 issues
– Fixed: DPI calculation for round screens
– Fixed: battery charge rate measurement on several devices
– Fixed: screen resolution on Galaxy Note5, Note FE, S6, S6 active, S6 edge
– Improved support for Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8 Active
– Fixed: battery charge rate measurement on several devices
– Fixed: crash at startup during camera detection
– Wi-Fi Aware information
– Fixed: core architecture detection for Exynos 8895, Helio P20, Helio P25
– Fixed: installed RAM size calculation on Galaxy S8, S8+