Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Sygic offers good turn-by-turn GPS navigation and offline maps service. It utilizes popular Tom Tom Maps thus navigation and maps details accuracy is never compromised. Since Sygic Android app installs offline maps on your phone and tablet, you do not need an internet connection for navigation while traveling. It also eliminates the hassle created by low signals and expensive mobile data to load maps.

> Separate OBB data file is not needed anymore.

Developer: Sygic.
Current Version: 17.3.13
Supported OS: Android 4.0.3 and above

Sygic GPS Nav. & Maps
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Safe APK: Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps APK and OBB data file were fetched from Play Store and published here without any modifications. See their hashes on download page.
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Sygic - Android Picks

Sygic Android app features are listed below:
– Voice guided navigation in several languages.
– Uses high quality Tom Tom offline maps. (Separate OBB file is downloaded for that purpose)
– Features cross border navigation and routing without the need to switch between countries or less detailed maps.
– Sygic provides millions of free pre-installed POIs.
– Regular map and POI database updates (usually every 3 months)
– Sygic app needs to access your device GPS only. No internet connection (WiFi or mobile data) is required.
– Optimized for use on phones, tablets and HD displays.

Other Sygic Premium features include: 3D cities and landscapes, pedestrian navigation to walk and explore, dynamic lane guidance for safe lane change, junction view to highlight highway exits, speed limit warnings, fixed speed camera warnings, police trap warnings from other drivers, spoken street names to stay focused on roads, three alternative routes for faster traveling and avoid traffic jams, waypoints for places, drag and drop route editing and car audio integration (Bluetooth & cable).

User may purchase add on features from Play Store to extend the freeware app functionality. That includes traffic service to avoid delays in daily life commutes, voice navigation in celebrities voices, premium online speed camera updates and HUD (head up display) GPS navigation on your vehicle windshield. This feature requires you to place your phone or tablet on dashboard near windshield.

What’s New:
– We have split the largest countries into regions so that you can have more space for your photos and videos on your device
– We have added fresh new maps with the latest road information as well

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Improved search – now it’s easier and faster to search for addresses and points of interest
– We’ve added more than 300 000 new POIs
– Fresh new maps with the most recent roads & a clean look
– Smart Bluetooth automatically opens the app when you get into your car & navigates you to home or work
– We’ve made a couple of improvements and bug fixes so your app can run like clockwork
16.4.9 – 16.4.14
– Route sharing with Glympse: Let people know where you are and when you’ll arrive. Share your planned route, estimated time of arrival & real-time location on a map.
– Route progress bar with traffic information is back!
– Plus a few minor improvements & bug fixes.
– Find cheapest gas based on your gas type
– Search gas stations along your route
– New feature available to our Premium users
– Great looking maps
– Crisp and clean looking traffic overview
– Enhanced map details at various zoom levels
– Up-to date maps with the most recent roads and places
– Now you can erase selected maps from your device while you’re offline
– Live parking information: Find best parking at your destination.
– Country avoiding: While traveling abroad, just avoid the country you do not want to cross.
– Latest maps with updated road coverage and POIs.