Intro: Facebook app comes pre-installed on most Android phones and tablets. So, you can just start using that right away. When required, that can be updated to latest version. If you have rooted your phone and installed any custom ROM on it then you might need to install Facebook app to use Facebook. Though Facebook can be accessed and used normally on any web browser but application has got its own charm. Facebook app can be installed or updated either through Play Store or via APK file.

Developer: Facebook
Current Version:
Supported OS: Android 9.0 and above

Safe APK: No mod, no malware. Safe to install.
Signature: 8A3C4B262D721ACD49A4BF97D5213199C86FA2B9

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Facebook app provides a modified layout to mobile version of Facebook and makes it easier to navigate between profiles, timeline posts, access news feed, receive messages and stay connected with friends and family. Once signed in, Facebook user just stays signed in and there is no need to repeatedly sign in again after every few days or weeks.

If you access Facebook through web browser, you will not receive recent notifications on phone. So, to enable that feature, installing Facebook app and accessing Facebook through that app is must. The notifications pops up in notification bar of phone whenever someone likes a status, post a comment, share that status or send you a message. Notifications for friend request, poke and new likes for pages are also displayed in notifications bar. Posting a new status is faster with large button overlapping the feed. Photos and videos can be attached by choosing from photo gallery or taking through camera. Private conversations with other friends can be held. New posts can be made in groups and owned pages. Facebook games can be played on phone through this app. Favorite applications on Facebook can be used normally like users do on PC.

Facebook app is not a resources hungry product and therefore, can be used equally on slower devices as well. If you are an app enthusiast, you can get early access to latest versions, become a beta tester and let developers improve it with your feedback. You need to sign up for that for which details can be found under description of this application at Google Play Store.