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Most people know about the best office suites available for Windows OS. But what is for Android? Android which is an open source platform, its most apps are also free. So, if you are looking for freeware office suite for your android phone or tablet then you should try WPS Free Office. WPS Office is the descendant of Kingsoft Office and one of the most popular office suite available for Android platform. It was first released for Android in 2012 as Kingsoft Office which later adapted name WPS Office. WPS Office includes word processor functions like creating new documents, spreadsheets, presentations and editing PDF.


Developer: Kingsoft Office Software Corporation Ltd.
Current Version: 10.9
Supported OS: Android 4.0 and above.

WPS Office + PDF
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WPS Free Office is fully compatible with the documents created with Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. In fact, it is the alternative of these three. This app can open almost any document including PDF and office documents extensions including DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT and more thus making it possible to view document exactly the way it is displayed on PC. You can create documents and presentations the way you want by adding images, text and paragraphs, shapes, tables and charts. Advanced level of text and paragraph formatting options are available. With this app you can even create PDF files. So, it is not limited to just reading them.

You can create spreadsheets, write documents, make new presentations and therefore carry your office or educational work with you and work from anywhere you want through your mobile phone or tablet. The application supports dozens of formulas and function shortcuts. Presentations can be made nicely with lots of available options. You can view them in presenter mode as well. Touch controlled laser pointer is an additional feature of this app. Spell check helps checking the spellings and correcting them.

You can share your files through email, bluetooth, WIFI and DLNA Even more, you can access and edit documents stored on popular cloud storage drives, edit them and upload them. Supported drives include Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, WebDAV and Box. The application has got auto save feature. Therefore, your work is saved automatically and encrypted to protect it from accidental loss. Other features included are support for bluetooth and USB keyboards, wireless printing and more than 44 languages. So, are you ready to create documents with this powerful application?

What’s New:
1.Support of bulk delete documents in the Recent doc list;
2.Support to mark documents in the Recent doc list;
3.Improved the way of docs’ selection;
Supports to export the spreadsheet to image, easy for sharing with friends;
You can select and edit the sub-object in the combination of objects.

Overview of Previous Updates:
[WPS Premium]
– Added new “PDF Files Compressor” function, feel free to reduce the size of PDFs;
– Supports ticking in box;
1.You can use “Volume+” and “Volume -” on your mobile to control the presentation playing in the DeX/PC mode;
2.Supports of using the left & right key of the mouse wheel to control the pages turning in play mode.
– Added:Full support of Chromebook devices

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1. Added commonly used fonts and dictionary in Thai;
1. New “Folder” function, supports docs management by category;
2. Improved the process of importing files;
1. Optimized the digits input in the table cell.
[WPS Premium]
– Adds new “File Compressor” service, feel free to reduce the size of your documents, spreadsheets and presentations;
– New annotation tools in PDF, including Pen, Shape, Stamp and so on.
– Full support of Chromebook devices.
– Improves and Enhances documents backup function, never worry about losing docs.
– Added:Full support of Chromebook devices
[WPS Premium]
– Support for exporting PDFs to long-images;
– New office assistant, integrates all common office tools.
WPS Office V10.5.2 is available with 39 new and improved features, including:
– You can share docs directly from the bottom toolbar;
– Add the timestamp in the common documents list, find the doc that you need easier;
– Fixed the bullets no display issue when clicking “Enter” in the blank placeholder in Presentation.
WPS Office V10.5 is available with 27 new and improved features, including:
[WPS Office Premium]
– Supports Signature Date in PDFs;
– Added 3 new font packages, including 27 new fonts;
– Convert document to long-image in Writer while keeping the original format.
WPS Office V10.4.3 is available with 21 new and improved features, including:
[WPS Premium Member Services]
– Newly Added: Support for opening OpenOffice format documents;
– Improved the input experience of multibit numbers.
WPS Office V10.4.1 is available with 20 new and improved features, including:
[WPS Premium Members Services]
– You can share the long-image converted by Presentations.
– Added 4 new styles for creating long-images in Writer.
[PDF Scanner]
– Supports adding images from gallery.
WPS Office V10.3.3 is available with 23 new and improved features, including:
[WPS Premium Members Services]
– The privilege of WPS members, Templates’ free downloading is officially online now.
– Added New PDF Tools, providing PDFs merge and split functions.
– Fixed the Google Drive Login Failed issue;
– Improved the layout disorder error caused by common fonts missing, better fonts-display compatibility.
– Optimized the display of exported PDFs.
Supports the table cell to adapt text properties, fixed line feeds issue.
Priority to show the latest received documents, easier for checking docs.
[Earning Rewards
“Earning Rewards” is online. Now you can earn rewards by: Do tasks-Win Coins-Redeem Gifts.
New scanner function, you can easy to scan docs into PDF&images using the mobile camera.
[New Membership Services]
– Big update! We added numbers of new products special for WPS Premium members.
– You can convert texts to image files,one-click sharing with your friends in social media;
– Smartly re-adjust the layout of document, and then convert it to one whole image, easy for sharing;
– Free to extract and merge PDFs
[New User Center]
– You can edit user name, profile and general info now;
– Added “My Wallet”, easy to top up and check your orders.
– In this version, we added several new permissions. All the permissions are only used to extend the WPS Office services, such as the upcoming function: scanning and recording etc. Some functions will be released at the future version,please stay tuned. Under the premise of your privacy safe, WPS Office will access the related permissions in reasonable circumstances.
– WPS Office is a secure software and will always ensure the security of your data and privacy.
WPS Office V10.1.3 is now available, with 15 new and improved features, including:
Decrease the height of the title bar, to allow more screen space for displaying documents.
Support audio playing & editing in the Presentation edit mode.
10.0.5 – 10.1.2
– all new transition effects for Presentations: Explosion, Seesaw, Glitter and Shred.
– Convert Spreadsheets to PDF and simplified sharing.
– Improved image filling effect on table objects in Presentation and increased speed of text inputting.
– Fixed the space insufficient issue when editing the Spreadsheet in landscape mode.
– Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
10.0.2 – 10.0.3
There are 18 new and improved features in this version, including:
[WPS Premium]
– The “WPS Premium” services have been synced across both PC and Android devices.
– Support for displaying 3D objects in PPT documents added.
– Improved the text animation effect for better display.
– A brand new interface of “Writer” “Spreadsheet” and “PDF”. New shortcut function makes you more easier to get common used operations.
– 3 new transition effects in “ Presentation”.
– In addition, there are 20 new and improved features in this version.
– Bug fixes and performance improvements.
– Major update in the Presentation module.
What‘s New in Presentation:
– Added a Shortcut feature for commonly used operations, which helps editing presentations more efficient.
– Improved the layout of the Tool Panel, to make it easier to find the function that you need.
– Improved the File Share Menu by adding shortcuts to Mail, Evernote and Skype.
– WPS Office version 9.9.5 includes some bug fixes and performance enhancements.
– Fixed the DOC display issue.
– Fixed the browser crashing issue on parts of devices.
– WPS Office 9.9 fully supports latest Android 7.0 Nougat.
– Multi-window mode lets you deal with different tasks at the same time.
– Fixed the stuttering issue when scrolling the document that includes combinations, 3D and other complicated objects.
– Compatibility with the PC font subject set.
– Increase the speed of screen scrolling up to 50%.
– Added support for animated GIFs.
– Added 6 new 3D transition effects.
• Below updates are the part of v9.8.4
– New PDF signature feature offers you true to nature signature effect.
– Added a bounce effect setting when playing animation.
– Added more 3D swipe animation effects when switching between pages in your presentation (for Airplane, Fall Over, Peel Off, etc.)
• Below updates are the part of v9.8.x
– Auto filter the system log files in the documents list.
– Improved the emerging time of the fast-flip button while reading documents.
– Improved the display effect of the text in images.
– Improved the fluency when playing animation.
– Solved the shaking issue when scrolling slides quickly.
– Improved the process of picture insertion.
– Improve the zoom and slide experience while viewing and editing documents.
– Project onto any wireless display that supports Miracast screen sharing.
– The Note prompt experience in Presentation made easier.
– Added the Return button in search module.
– The height of the sheet tag list can now be modified.
– Added in-app purchases function to provide upcoming value-added services for office documents.
– Improved export quality of PDF.
– Save slides in ppt format.
– More unique transition effects.
– Now easily change pictures in templates.
– context menu will show automatically while selecting rows or columns.
– Pages will scroll while dragging fast flip button.
• Below updates are the part of v9.x:
– Supports Android Marshmallow.
– Writer: Jump to a certain page by entering page number.
– Spreadsheet: WPS can now remember the read or edit mode thus letting users enter the same mode when they open the slide again.
– PDF: Supports night mode in page view.
– Now, you can insert videos and sounds in presentations.
– Brand New interface.
– Easier access to search local documents.
– Cloud documents can be saved back after recovering from backup folder.
– New spell check for Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.
– Plain text can be opened in a new encoding way.
– Improved: select words directly when long-pressing and sliding.
– Bug fixes.
• Below updates are the part of 7.x:
– Fixed the directory that could not be read normally after you log into Microsoft OneDrive.
– Fixed crashes while opening documents with specific linked style sheets.
– Fixed display error when using FIND feature in Mobile View.
– Fixed label format of coordinate axis error when the first cell of data source is in date format.
– Fixed Redo button that went invisible in specific device models.
– Fixed crashes while scrolling through the slides with notes.
– New design introduced. New tabbed view.
New INK drawing feature. Added more text boxes and shapes. Now, Input and display emojis.
– New enhancements to writer, presentation and spreadsheet. Add and play audio files in presentations.
– Bookmark and print PDF documents.
– Added support for Evernote and more cloud storage services.
– Several bug fixes and other improvements.
• Below updates were the part of 6.x:
– Added ability to share DropBox links with friends.
– Added ability to rename local files stored on device.
– Writer has been improved. New Animation affects when zooming into images.
– Added document backup system.
– Improved spreadsheet. Now, improved stability when reading and writing documents.

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