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Intro: Facebook Messenger lets you connect to your friends, family and other people for free. It works as an alternative to default messaging app and enhances the communication with more cool features. Messenger app utilizes phone or tablet network carrier and standard phone data to send and receive messages. This messenger is not just limited to connecting with Facebook friends but also let users to message people in phone book.

Developer: Facebook
Current Version:
Supported OS: Android 9.0 and above

Facebook Messenger
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Messenger by Facebook is lighter on system resources and easy to use quality app that is developed keeping all kinds of phone and tablet users in mind. Not every one could have an expensive high end phone. So, entry level and mid range android phone users can also equally use it. The standard features included in it are Sending and receiving messages, photos and videos right from the application. Users can take pictures from within app and send quickly. Or choose already saved pictures or videos on phone and send them. Facebook Messenger carries built in photo gallery to allow users to view stored photos and videos. Groups can be created for specific people or for people you chat with the most. More friends and members can be added to previously created group. Users can keep using other apps and features of phone without worrying about reception of messages. Facebook Messenger runs in background and notifies users whenever a new message is received. Users can make unlimited free calls over WIFI.

Facebook Messenger for Android supports voice messaging. Record voice messages and send them. Conversations can be made more lively by using stickers. Users can check when their messages were seen by the recipients. Search feature can be used to locate conversations, people and created groups. User can turn on location to let people know when they are near. Moreover, availability of people on Messenger and Facebook can also be checked. Shortcut for conversations can be created to access them quickly right from the home screen. Messages notifications can be turned on or off when required.

What’s New:
– Now you can see your call history and missed calls—all in one place.

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Performance and stability improvements.
– Introducing new features.
– Fully supports Android Marshmallow.
– Create groups. Add profile photo and name that.
– Make free and unlimited calls over WiFi. Forward messages to specific number or anyone in phone book.
– Better synchronization for quickly displaying notifications.
– User interface improvements. Optimized for lower resources utilization.
– Works well with newly launched Android devices.
– Bug fixes.