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Lirbi is an advanced documents, books, presentations, sheets, musical notations, text and HTML reader with support for variety of formats. Lirbi offers multiple features to ease the reading like automatic scrolling, lock mode, night and day modes, words translation in offline and online dictionaries, bookmarking, voice reading, writing notes over PDF pages, text selection, send a page from PDF document as image and much more.

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Current Version: 6.0.33
Supported OS: Android 4.0 and above

Lirbi Reader
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What’s New:
Modern design
– New Library (Authors, Genres, Series)
– Possibility to mark with star a book, selected books
– Configure the image cover size and number of columns
– Many many small improvements by user feedback
– We hope you will like this update 🙂

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Background image like old books for PDF and text books
– Cut in half page in advanced mode
– Button for auto align in advanced mode
– Selecting text by letters for hieroglyphic languages
– Improved covers and content for FB2
– Many other improvements

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