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All Android phones and tablets come with built-in keyboard. Often times, that keyboard is simple and does not offer much features. That’s where SwiftKey keyboard plunges and takes the lead with its enhanced features and smartness to predict what a user going to type. If you are fed up with your device stock keyboard, get a custom keyboard like SwiftKey and take your typing to the next level.

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Developer: SwiftKey
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Supported OS: Android 4.0.3+ | 6.0+

SwiftKey Keyboard
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SwiftKey keyboard works like a normal keyboard and can be used while typing SMS, chatting on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking apps. It is free and offers core features free of charge (in-app purchases extends basic functionality of this app). The keyboard nicely fits on any screen size. Therefore, it is widely compatible with large and small screens of mobile devices.

The core features include Smarter Auto-correct that intelligently corrects for sloppiest typing errors. Emoji prediction learns your favorite emojis and can give recommendations to match the typed words. There are over 800 emoji characters provided with SwiftKey. Swipe typing lets users swipe finger across keyboard for fluent typing. Tap predictions to enter whole word at once for faster typing. Personalized predictions is like mind reading word predictions that learns the behavior of users and improves itself over time. With secure backup and personalization, synchronize your writing style to cloud and across multiple devices. Words prediction can also be personalized from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and more. With true bilingual typing feature, simultaneously type in three different languages. SwiftKey includes tens of free and premium themes. Currently, this keyboard supports over 85 languages.

Note that some features of SwiftKey keyboard might not be available for your device. For example emojis are supported only on Android Kitkat and Jelly Bean. This keyboard also requires access to your text messages to improve its words prediction.

What’s New:
Bug Fixes:
– issue with pinyin input buffer deletion in WeChat app​​​
– no longer automatically enables the phonetic Hindi language pack for Hinglish users
– We’ve now made all themes completely free!
– Swipe the hamburger menu to the left of the predictions to find our newly refreshed Hub including: SwiftKey Clipboard, Shortcuts, and Incognito mode.
– The ability to type in Hindi or Gujarati scripts by spelling out how they sound using a QWERTY keyboard (E.g. “namaste“ -> “नमस्ते“)

Overview of Previous Updates: –
– Swipe the hamburger menu to the left of the predictions to find our newly refreshed Hub including: SwiftKey Clipboard, Shortcuts, and Incognito mode. Learn more at blog.swiftkey.com
– Introducing transliteration for Hindi and Gujarati – now we’ll predict and correct from Latin characters into script
– Five new languages: Tibetan, Swiss German, Yakut, Low German (Plattdüütsch) & Kurdish (Kurmanji),
– Ongoing tweaks and improvements for a better typing experience & previous versions
– We’ve added QWERTZ Swiss French layout
– We’ve added QWERTZ extended layout for Swiss German and Swiss Italian
– Incognito mode added which temporarily stops SwiftKey learning words / phrases
– Dragging the cursor while typing in Chinese will no longer cause a crash
– Themes will now download after the first tap
– Our next-generation of more human predictions powered by neural networks are now available in French, German and Spanish
– You can now type in up to 5 languages at once!
– We’ve added seven new languages: Sindhi Pakistan, Pashto, Scottish Gaelic, Uyghur, Chuvash, Chechen and Bashkir
– You can now turn keypress popups on/off
– Lots of fixes and improvements for a smoother typing experience
– Faster and more responsive. Now, lesser crashes.
– Vietnamese characters now visible in password field.
– Khmer and Thai now revert to the primary layout when a key in secondary layout has been pressed.

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