There are over 1 million applications available at Google Play Store. Since, Android is an open source platform, most of its applications are also freeware. Many good free apps get buried under the crowd of over popular apps thus require excavation. Therefore, the objective of this website is to dig them out, notify people about them and support the hard work of developers.

The second core objective of ‘Android Picks’ site is to provide an alternative way to install Play Store apps through original APK files. APK is the Android application package and package file format that carries files for an application and install that when executed on Android OS. Sometimes, an application is not available for certain models of phones and tablets or restricted to specific country. Thus that can be installed through APK file.

Sometimes, people do not like the newest version of applications because developers update the interface and put ads at locations which annoy the users or remove the features that were previously available for free. So, they can switch back by obtaining previous version APK files from this site.

We regularly dispatch updates via our social media pages. Stay tuned to receive notifications about what new ‘Android Picks’ bring for you.

Who needs APK?
1- Developers
2- Android apps collectors
3- PC users who want to run apps and games on Android emulators
4- Phone users living in countries where certain apps are not available