Chrome Browser

Chrome Browser is one of the best web browser available for all popular platforms including Android. Though Google Chrome is not as old as Firefox or Internet Explorer, it quickly got popular due to its easy to use interface, faster and smoother web experience. When it was released for Android OS, people rushed to try this, most of them liked it and made it their default web browser. Chrome works equally well on android phones and tablets as it does on PC. Today, it holds a major percentage of internet users who primarily use it on their phones and computers to access internet.

Developer: Google
Current Version: 64.0.3282
Supported OS: Android 4.1 and above

Chrome Browser
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Chrome is built to work synchronously across multiple devices. You can access tabs, bookmarks from laptop, tablet or phone thus resuming the work where you left that. The browser has the capability to compress websites thus helps you save phone data. Such compression also leads to faster loading of sites. Google search is pre-integrated in Chrome. Search recommendations are quickly displayed as you type queries in tabs. Google Voice search is also provided to search internet with mere use of human voice. Google translate can translate web pages into any language with touch of button. Users can open countless number of new tabs and flip through them by swiping from side to side on toolbar. Incognito (private browsing) mode lets users browse securely as no browsing record is kept in history.

Like any other Android web browser, Chrome also carries some general features like tap to zoom, saving bookmarks, saving pages, saving login details, support for screen rotation and much more. New chrome is lighter on system resources thus works well on slow phones also. Compression of data is done the way, websites display quality is never compromised.

What’s New:
– This release prevents sites with abusive ad experiences from opening new windows or tabs without your permission. We’ve also included stability and performance improvements.

Overview of Previous Updates:
– This release improves auto-completion in the address bar, making it even easier to get to your favorite websites. We’ve also included stability and performance improvements.
– Download files faster with accelerated downloads
– View and manage passwords saved with Chrome
– Quickly see your data savings in the Chrome menu, when Data Saver is on
– Bug fixes and other performance improvements
– Load pages faster and use less memory with an updated JavaScript engine
– Bug fixes and performance improvement
– View and manage in-progress downloads on the Downloads page
– View and clear your browsing data more easily on the redesigned History page
– Long-press a link to open it in a new Chrome tab (from Chrome Custom Tabs)
– Bug fixes and performance improvements