Get weather updates with AccuWeather Android app. See the temperature at your location, hourly and daily weather forecasts, maps to see the cloud movements and much more. With AccuWeather widget, weather information is displayed on your homescreen. You get the push notifications about severe weather conditions. See the current temperature of your current location in status bar. You can add several locations in AccuWeather to get the weather updates.

Developer: AccuWeather
Current Version: 5.3.0-free
Supported OS: Android 4.1 and above

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[ Signature: 9474BD7F671C570CA60BDEA2E5AE794FA05AEB86 ]

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What’s New:
– Enhanced Alerts screen

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Jacket/Umbrella notification in the app
– New 1×1 Widget
– Updated Graphs change buttons
– Widget refresh Bug Fix
– Updated Widget – Will let you know when to take Umbrella or Jacket.
– Enhanced Location Search with Voice Support.
– Line Graphs are back!
– Bug Fixes