Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager is developed for managing tasks, services and applications running on Android phones and tablets. It can automatically terminate running processes and can help in preserving battery charge and speeding up the mobile device. Mostly, task manager is not provided with Android devices as newer devices use threaded technology of multiple cores that can easily handle load of simultaneously running applications and background services. But if you own a slower device, then you can take advantage of task manager to observe resources consuming activity and schedule terminating processes to freed RAM and CPU resources and eventually boost the performance.

Current Version: 6.2.2
Supported: Android 4.0.3 and above

Advanced Task Manager
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Advanced Task Manager - Android Picks

Advanced Task Manager for Android can perform following operations: Kill selected tasks manually or switch to regular kill that will automatically terminate running processes after certain duration. Startup kill can terminate running processes when device is restarted. Auto-kill can automatically terminate tasks whenever screen turns off. ‘Ignore apps’ feature can let you add certain apps to ignore list to protect them from getting terminated.

Other notable features included in Advanced Task Manager app are CPU lag monitor (lag is mostly caused by simultaneously running apps, installing apps or virus scanner while scanning already installed apps), quick uninstaller to quickly uninstall apps without going to settings of device, RAM cleaner that can clear RAM occupied by running apps and processes. Advanced Task Manager can also terminate GPS and capable of showing remaining battery life in notifications menu and carries ‘on-click task kill’ widget that can be added on homescreen and used for one-click manual tasks termination.

Note that certain apps are designed to restart automatically. Such apps will keep restarting even if these are forced to stop e.g. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, Outlook, Viber, Line and other similar apps run in background to synchronize with server (the list is endless). Restarting apps can put extra load on system. So, add such apps to ignore list to actually boost performance of your device. Advanced Task Manager Pro is alternatively a paid version which users may buy to get rid of Ads.

What’s New:
– Fixed bugs.

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Added Android 7.0 support
previous versions:
– Removed full screen ads.
– Supports latest Android OS.
– Bugs fixes.