Amazon Underground

Android smartphones include built-in Google Play Store to get apps and games of your choice. But this is not the only apps store out there. There are many third party app stores as well where users can get desired apps. Amazon Underground got some free apps and games from popular developers which you can download and install like you do from other app stores.

Developer: Amazon
Current Version:
Supported OS: Android 4.1 and above

Amazon Underground
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Safe APK: Amazon Underground APK was fetched using an Android device and published here without any modifications. See its hashes on download page.
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App Screenshots: came up with a new idea to provide paid apps and in-app purchases of worth $10,000 for free and entirely legally. Google may not like such third party stores. So, it does not now provide such application stores through its own platform, Google Play. This is the reason, you do not see Amazon Underground on Google Play. But you have an alternative available. Just get its APK file and install it on your Android devices.

Amazon Underground is not much crowded with apps yet. Still you will see a lot of popular premium apps available there. More paid apps will be added soon. After installing app on your phone or tablet, app will ask you to sign in to your amazon account or create a new one. If you are already registered there, just sign-in or proceed with account creation process. To find free apps and games quickly, just type in search bar “free apps” or “free games” and all the free stuff will be sorted out. One thing, we observed while testing this app is it is a little heavier on system resources. So, if you own an under-powered smartphone, you might face some delay. Amazon should optimize it for speed.

What’s New:
– Bug fixes.
– Minor Performance improvements.