Antutu Benchmark

Antutu Benchmark is the popular tool for benchmarking Android phones and tablets. It is capable of comprehensively test all the aspects of your device. Your benchmarked scores are uploaded to Antutu database and used to rank your device among other Android devices. You can observe where your device stands and compare the performance of your device with other devices. The Antutu database scores can also assist you in purchasing your next high end Android phone.

Developer: AnTuTu
Current Version: 8.0.5-OB
Supported OS: Android 4.1 and above

Antutu Benchmark
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– Antutu benchmark tests UX, GPU, RAM, CPU, I/O and many more aspects of your device.
– Each hardware is individually assessed and given score.
– 3D testing scenes test the performance of your GPU and display properly.
– See the details about your phone with Antutu. That includes detailed information about CPU, GPU, Display, RAM, phone software and more.
– Compare your device with other devices from Antutu database.
– Antutu Benchmark is easy to use. Just tap the Test button to start benchmarking your device.

Note that running apps, device temperature and system mode can slightly affect the benchmarked scores. Make sure you have no apps running in background and power saving mode off to test the full potential of your device.

• Download Antutu 3D Bench here, an integral 3D part of Antutu Benchmark: Antutu 3DBench

Overview of Updates:
– Support Arm Cortex-A77 architecture processor;
– Fix the UX test sub-item score is underestimated issue;
– Added USB external storage size display in hardware information;
– Fix some interface display issue.
– Solve the app cannot be launched on some Android 6.0 devices issue.
6.2.7 – 6.3.3
– Fixed the bug of score loss on some mobile phones.
– Other bugs fixed.
– Fixed some UI bug.