APK Updater (by Rumboalla)

APKUpdater is a useful tool that assist users in finding updates for their installed apps and games. It could help people running custom ROMs on their Android devices and others who just want to run their phones or tablets without Play store. Note that this tool locates updates over third party app stores and if it finds any, it will download and apply that.

Developer: Rumboalla
Current Version: 1.4.4
Supported OS: Android 2.3 and above

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Safe APK: APKUpdater APK was fetched using an Android device and published here without any modifications. See its hashes on download page.
[ Signature: 608E9E3E75D550467CD33AF31EBBAA53F889C2AF ]

App Screenshots:

What’s New:
– Added option to select update time.
– Fixed UI and Animation issues with the Updates list.

Overview of Previous Updates:
Installed and Updates cards now have actions.
More bug fixes.
Added nice progress bar to the update tab.
Bug fixes.
UI Improvements.
Added transitions and animations.
Updates are now sorted.
– Check for connection before updating.
– Reschedule update if no connection.
– Added option to select the number of threads used for updating.
– Moved some options to new section.
– Log displays last message first.
– Style fixes on settings dialogs.
– Added Wi-Fi only update option.
Added option to exclude disabled apps (koroshiya).
Fixed NullPointerException related to the NotificationManager.
Improved version parsing.
– App list will refresh when Exclude System Apps option changes.
– Long click on an update will send you to Evozi.
– Added extra logging.
– New app store added.
– Disabled Google Play parser since it’s mostly useless.
– Updates now display both old and new version.
– Other bug fixes.