Automatic Call Recorder

Record calls with Automatic Call Recorder. As the name suggest, your received and dialled calls are recorded and saved automatically. You just need to install it on Android phone and set it to record calls. You can also use it on Android tablets that support calls over network connections. Calls made over communication apps can also be recorded using multiple sources that this application supports. Auto call recorder app has got Google Drive and Dropbox integration for saving your recordings in cloud storage.

Developer: Appliqato
Current Version: 5.26
Supported OS: Android 2.3 and above

Automatic Call Recorder
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Automatic Call Recorder - Android Picks

– Supports multiple audio sources including Mic, Voice calls, Voice communication, Camcorder, Voice Recognition, Voice UpLink and Voice DownLink.
– Supports automatic call recording. Whenever a call is received, it starts recording that.
– Offers an inbox that can save hundreds of voice calls. Number of stored calls also depends upon your device storage. (Inbox capacity can be increased with Pro version)
– You can enable a Call Summary Menu with options to appear immediately after a call.
– Shows new call notification and caller image in notifications.
– Supports turning on speaker automatically. Use this feature if recorded call quality with other audio sources are poor.
– Supports 3 default settings for automatic recording: ‘Record all’ is enabled by default. This setting will record all calls except those that are pre-selected to be ignored. ‘Ignore all’ setting will ignore all calls except those pre-selected for recording. ‘Ignore contacts’ setting will record all calls but ignore those whose numbers are stored in contacts.
– Search for recordings by contact, phone number, or note.
– Supports saving recordings as AMR, 3GP and WAV. Recording path can be selected.
– Supports increasing recording volume.
– Supports playing recordings with external player.
– Offers Light and Classic theme.
– Cloud integration for saving recordings in cloud storage. (Google Drive integration works on Android versions 3.0 and above)
– Supports multiple languages. Language can be changed from settings menu.

Freeware version is ad supported. You may get pro version that offers additional features like recorded calls from particular contacts to be saved automatically, and they will also be saved in the cloud. ‘Shake to record’ will start recording calls that are set to not be recorded automatically.

What’s New:
5.24 – 5.26
– Search shortcuts for Android 7.
– User interface improvements.
– Bug fixes.