Compass 360 Pro

Use compass to find north and navigate in classic style with Compass 360 Pro app. The app can help you while you are travelling on boat, camping, climbing mountains, hiking or just want to point yourself in certain dimension. Note that your phone or tablet should have magnetic sensor to use compass app.


Developer: David Januzai
Current Version: 1.3.2
Supported OS: Android 4.0.3 and above

Compass 360 Pro
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App Screenshot:

– Professional design with incredibly smooth movements.
– Gives the feel of real compass.
– Multiple skins available to change the look of compass.
– The dampened compass card which swings naturally orientates you with just one glance.
– A decimal bearing provides detailed direction.
– A cardinal bearing gives you a quick way of expressing general direction to others.
– Magnetic and true north are available. The app automatically takes care of variation.
– Add vertical line like lensatic compass.
– Supports azimuth calibration.
– Supports GPS: You can see your location.
– Works offline: Does not require internet connection.
– Support multiple language.
– Ads supported.

What’s New:
– New Support ALL Language over the world.
– HD Design update.
– Roll and pitch.
– Add Bubble Level 3D
– Advance Settings
– Update new HD Compass
– Compatible with Google Play Policy
– (optimize) Performance
– (optimize) User interface
– (optimize) Start up time and Bug fixed
– (optimize) Remove ads when exit app

Overview of Previous Updates:
– HD Design update.
– Roll and pitch.
– Added Bubble Level 3D
– Advance Settings
– Compatible with Google Play Policy
– Optimized performance and user interface
– optimized start up time and Bug fixed