CPU X: System & Hardware Info

Explore all the information about your Android devices with CPU-X. The enhanced details about device hardware, speed, model, serials, sensors readings, network etc are displayed. CPU X also displays CPU status, temperature and data usage in graphical form for easy analysis. Compared with CPU-Z, CPU X offers much more features and details.

Developer: Pacific Developer
Current Version: 2.5.9
Supported OS: Android 5.0 and above

Safe APK: CPU X APK was fetched from Play Store and published here without any modifications. See its hashes on download page.
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App Screenshot:

– Get information about processor, core details, clock speed, CPU load architecture and other related details.
– Displays information about total RAM and available RAM. Also displays information about storage.
– Get details about your device like brand, model and serial numbers.
– Displays complete information about device OS.
– Know how many sensors are available on your device. Get live details about each sensors.
– Get complete detail about your device front and rear cameras.
– Know all about your battery: Charging level, capacity, voltage, temperature etc.
– Monitor the data usage ( daily, monthly) over WiFi and mobile networks with graphs.
– See current download & upload speed in notifications and combined speed in status bar.
– Includes homescreen widget for quick information about device status.
– Includes compass to find north and navigate.
– CPU X is an ad-supported app.

What’s New:
– Added battery current in notifications.
– Added Russian translation by Дмитрий.
– Few bugs fixed.
– Improved performance.

Overview of Previous Updates:
– bug fixes – battery capacity field empty.
– minor modifications.