Easy Installer

Easy Installer is a useful tool for quick installation of apps and games with APK files.Users who have little knowledge about how to install APK or do not have file manager on their Android devices can get this app from Google Play Store and install any application or game which they have downloaded in the form of APK. One important thing users need to do is, enable “unknown Sources” setting to allow phone or tablet to install applications from third party sources. By default, this setting is disabled on devices. Easy Installer app is useful for older phone users which may not have built in file manager.

Developer: INFOLIFE LLC.
Current Version: 3.1.8
Supported OS: Android 4.0 and above

Easy Installer
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Easy Installer - Android Picks

APK is a container that holds all necessary files to install and run applications and games on Android devices. Easy Installer is an assistant to manually install them. Any APK file which is stored on external (SD, MicroSD) or internal storage can be viewed and install with this little tool. Features included in Easy Installer are locating APK files present in storage. You can use search to quickly scan all these files. The search feature has got an efficient cache mechanism which remembers results for future use. Once you find an app APK, hit ‘Install Selected Apps’ button to start their installation. Long pressing on an app installer will open a menu from where more actions can be performed like searching that app on Play Store. You can sort apps installers depending upon their types.  Easy Installer supports batch install and delete. You can easily delete app from storage.  Moreover,you can also send apps APK to other people by email.

What’s New:
– App search
– Bug fixes and other improvements.

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Fixed sd card identify bug for Android 2.x and 4.x. Fixed FC bug for Gingerbread.
– Several other bug fixes and performance improvements.