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Search and explore vast world of internet with most powerful Google app for Android. Usually, this app comes pre-installed on Android devices. But on custom ROMs and devices with no Google app pre-included, just install it and get instant access to all kind of information and stuff from all around the world. Search engines like Google combine results from all related web sources and display it according to the search terms. The suggestions and auto correction makes Google search even a better search engine.

Developer: Google
Current Version:
Supported OS: Android 5.0 and above

Google App
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Google App - Android Picks

– Quickly search the web by typing your queries in search bar.
– Displays best search results in descending order.
– Search results combine results from millions of websites.
– Get suggestions based on your queries.
– Auto-correction corrects spelling errors and other mistakes in search queries.
– Use your voice to search with Google.
– Get personalized results based on your location.
– Displays results categorically in Web, Images, News, Maps, Shopping, Videos, Books, apps and more.
– Displays maps and addresses of places right in search.
– ‘Google Now’ gives you the right information at right time. It displays today’s weather and tells about expected traffic on roads while leaving for work, and much more. (available on Android 4.1 and above)

What’s New:
– Improved look and feel of the search page
– New doodles are designed for in-app experience
– Offline voice actions (play music, turn on Wi-Fi, turn on torch)
– Web pages open directly inside the app
– Now cards are grouped according to your interests

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Improved app speed and reliability.
– Added new features.
– Bug fixes.