Google Docs

Google Docs for Android, use this app to create documents, share them with co-workers and other people with simplified document creation process. There are several apps available at Google Play Store of which most provide much more functionality than this app. But if you want just simple documents to be written on the go, get this app and start your work.

Developer: Google Inc.
Current Version: 1.19.452.03.45
Supportes OS: Android 6.0 and above

Google Docs
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Google Docs - Android Picks

Google Docs app is equally useful for office, home and educational purposes. Not only professionals, newbies can also use it without any trouble. The app layout is simple and easy to use. Document writing tools are well placed for quick selection. Google Docs has the facility to create documents on web. Those documents can also be synchronized on Android devices and viewed or edited. Documents that are stored in device storage can be opened and viewed. The app fully supports creating documents offline. So, you do not need internet connection to create them. You can choose to work offline or in off coverage areas where internet or mobile data is not available. This app also supports auto saving while typing a document. So, the effort is never wasted. Auto save store the copy of documents on device. So, you can resume work from where you left it. Documents can be shared with ease from within the app. You can allow people to comment on your documents and also add your own. Google Docs also support editing and viewing Microsoft Word documents. Currently, this app is missing several necessary features which would be added in its future releases.