Google Keep

Google Keep can be related to pocket diary that installs in your phone and let you record notes, ideas and reminders and assist you in your daily life. You are walking and a thought pops up in your mind, open Google Keep app on your Android phone or tablet and write that. You keep forgetting about events, add a reminder to get notified earlier. Best solution for building up memory and remembering things which people usually forget. Today, Google Keep is equally used by writers, bloggers, professionals and students.

Developer: Google Inc.
Current Version: 5.19.471.03.40
Supported OS: Android 5.0 and above

Google Keep
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Google Keep is a well developed alternative of popular notes keeping application Evernote. It is available for multiple mobile and desktop platforms. Thus accessing your notes is possible anywhere over multiple devices. Your notes are also accessible online through its web version. Just use the web browser to write down new notes and view previously saved notes.

Google Keep Android app has got clean, simple and responsive interface. You do not feel lags even if you are using a slower or stuffed up device. It supports wide range of Android devices. Newer versions now also support Android wearable. In addition to plain text notes, Google Keep allows you to capture pictures of stuff and make them part of your memory. Share your thoughts with people and make them part of it. It also supports voice memo feature where you can just speak something and application will automatically transcribe that. Add colors and labels to code notes to organize them easily and quickly. Need to access old notes, just type keywords in search and related notes will popup. Add simple or location based reminder to get alerts about important events and other stuff. Since Google Keep is a cloud based service, it keeps the backup of notes in cloud storage and synchronizes them among different devices. So, you do not lose important notes even if you lose your mobile device.

What’s New:
– Important notes can be pinned to remain at the top
– Bug fixes and performance improvements