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Maps by Google turns your phone and tablet into a navigator to assist you while traveling and finding places easily. Look over the areas maps and see how roads turn and where they go. Locate the food outlet or restaurants near you. Find the locations of marts, educational institutions and offices. Find streets, homes location, commercial areas, sports grounds and so much more. Even trace your own device location with the help of GPS. Google Maps is a widely used geographic mapping service. So, anywhere you wish to go, the destination can be located precisely on it. These maps are open for everyone. So, you can also add location of your own business and residence to assist people to find you easily.

Developer: Google Inc.
Current Version: 10.30.2
Supported OS: Android 5.0 and above

Google Maps
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Google Maps application usually comes pre-installed on Android devices. So, you can just launch that and start using. If you are using a cusom ROM and it is not pre-integrated, you can install it manually. Recently, Google has introduced offline maps features thus letting users save maps of certain locations and use them without internet connection. This feature was available in older versions of Google Maps some years ago but Google for some unknown reasons removed it. Now, it has been restored again. Offline maps are extremely necessary as there are still places where mobile networks have poor or no coverage. So, loading maps there becomes a hassle. Google Maps Andoid app uses phone GPS and mobile data or WiFi to function. The main features of app and service are listed below.
– Voice-guided GPS navigation for easy driving and riding.
– Live traffic conditions to guide which roads are jammed with traffic. Reports about incidents and automatic rerouting to find the best route. Note that this feature depends upon frequent updates and may misguide sometimes.
– Public transport directions and maps for thousands of towns and cities from around the globe.
– Google Maps covers 220 countries and provides detailed information about millions of places.
– Displays pictures uploaded by users about places.
– Supports street view and indoor imagery for popular places.
– Users can sign in and add their own locations for guidance.
– Google Maps are now available offline. You need to select area and save the maps for offline use. Only GPS will be required for navigation then.