Google Now Launcher

Every Android phone, tablet and other Android powered devices have got pre-developed Launcher that displays homescreen, apps menu, widgets and allow you to customize feel and look of your device screen. But that Launcher might be simple and old looking which you might not like. So, you can install a custom launcher from third party sources and enjoy the new feel and look. Android is the operating system that opens door to unlimited apps, customization, widgets, launchers and other cool stuff. One of those cool stuff is Google Now Launcher. Google Now Launcher is one of the several products designed by Android OS developer for the Android users.

Developer: Google LLC
Current Version: 1.4.large
Supported OS: Android 4.1 and above

Google Now Launcher
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App Screenshots:

Google Now Launcher app can be installed on top of the stock launcher. It does not remove that. Instead, it runs as a layer on that with its own features. Google Now Launcher makes access to Google services easier. With just a swipe, access Google Now cards to get right information at just the right time. Once, this launcher is installed and running on your device, you can do following inputs: Say “Ok Google” when you are on home screen and Voice input is automatically triggered. Say your search query to search stuff or tell your phone or tablet to send a text message, get directions with Maps or play any audio file. Tap the search bar and you can also add your query with keyboard. Google search bar is displayed on top of every home screen for quick access to things you are looking for.

Google Now Launcher enables easy and quick access to Google products like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Drive etc. This launcher offers larger viewing area with translucent status and navigation bars. Wallpaper displays from even the apps drawer. Like other launchers, Google Now also supports using custom wallpapers. Just pick any wallpaper from your device and apply that. Some cool wallpapers are pre-included in it. All in all, you can convert your phone entirely into Google’s playground where Google apps are prioritized for needy consumers. Note that, you will still have to manually install other Google applications.

The other features included in Google Now are A-Z apps list with quick scrolling and faster searching apps installed on your device or new apps on Google Play. Apps suggestions pull apps you are looking for on the top of the A-Z list using in-device intelligence.

What’s New:
– New Android Marshmallow wallpapers.
– Scroll vertically A-Z apps list faster.
– Folders can be larger and placed on more than one page.
– Search for apps on your device or newer one on Google Play.
– Apps suggestion use on-device intelligence to bring to the top the apps you are probably looking for.

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Some features might not be available for all users from certain locations.
– Bug fixes and performance improvements.
– Now, supports more devices.