Google Play Games

Google Play Games is now the requirement of several games to run them on your Android device. The app let you follow friends and see what they play and what are their achievements. See your XP level for all the games which you have played and are included in your game profile. Track your achievements and pick up and continue the game where you left on any of your linked device. Compete with friends, record your gameplays and publish them over YouTube. Discover new and cool games from within the app instead of looking them up at Play Store.

Developer: Google Inc.
Current Version: 2019.04.9533
Supported OS: Android 4.1 and above

Google Play Games
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– Complete challenges, earn rewards and track them with Play Games app.
– Record your own gameplay and share it with the world via YouTube.
– Earn XP and level up as you play and master a game.
– Check others achievements and publish your own.
– If you have your favorite game installed on your other devices as well, you can continue it on them from where you have left it on your one device.
– With Google Play Games, you get the option to hide your profile or make it public. It depends upon your choice.