Google Sheets

Create, view and edit spreadsheets with Google Sheets. Create Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheets and even edit the spreadsheets that you created with other Office apps. Google Sheets is cloud connected app thus offer its users the ability to work together on same spreadsheet at the same time and resume the work on other Android devices.

Developer: Google Inc.
Current Version: 1.18.482.02.45
Supported OS: Android 5.0 and above

Google Sheets
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– Open, edit or create entirely new spreadsheets.
– View spreadsheets saved on your Android device.
– Work together with people on the same spreadsheet.
– Supports editing spreadsheets that were created on web or other devices.
– Create spreadsheets even in offline mode.
– Format cells, enter and sort data, add and view charts and insert formulas.
– Search in spreadsheets to find what you are looking for.
– Your spreadsheet is automatically saved as you proceed. Never worry about losing your work.
– Share spreadsheets with people over cloud or send via email.