Google TalkBack

Google TalkBack is designed for vision impaired and blind users to interact with their Android devices. This accessibility service enables audible, spoken and vibration feedbacks on devices for assistance. Usually, this service comes pr-einstalled on phone and can be utilized or adjusted from phone settings. If it is not there, then it can be obtained from Play Store or installed manually.


Developer: Google Inc.
Current Version: 5.2.1
Supported OS: Android 5.0 and above

Google TalkBack
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Notable features included in TalkBack service are, changing size of text to large from normal. This helps people with long sightedness to read the text on phone screen. Enable or disable auto rotation of screen. This feature changes screen orientation from portrait to landscape and vice versa when phone is tilted. Speak passwords option makes phone read passwords for visually impaired people. Text-to-Speech output makes the phone read written text on screen for users. Touch and hold delay time can be adjusted according to users requirements. Moreover, web accessibility can be enhanced or disabled from service settings.

Google TalkBack app can be activated accordingly: In Android 2.2 and above, Go to Phone Settings and select Accessibility. There you will find option like “Accessiblity” and “TalkBack”. Enable them by tapping on them. In Android 4.0 and above go to Settings > Accessibility > TalkBack. Tap on the switch to enable TalkBack.

What’s New:
5.2.0 – 5.2.1
– New Speech Verbosity setting for spoken feedback
– New earcons
– Hear feedback when you turn magnification on/off or zoom in/out
– Hear character count in password fields in Chrome (56+)
– Shorter delay before usage hints
– Other fixes and improvements
– New service: Select to Speak lets you tap items to hear them read aloud. Go to Accessibility > Select to Speak.

Overview of Previous Verisons:
Webpage load progress is announced (Chrome 52 and up)
Screen stays unlocked while reading text
TalkBack doesn’t interrupt voice search or dictation
New keyboard shortcut opens custom actions
“Read from top” and “Read from next” work better
Scrolling list navigation is improved
TalkBack volume adjusts to phone volume during calls
– Text editing in Chrome now supported.
– Text that has been selected, copied, cut or pasted is now reported.
– There is a new option to “Copy Last Utterance to Clipboard”.
– Custom actions menu can now be opened with a gesture.
– Phonetic spelling tables added for most languages.
– Speaks phonetic transcription of letters when they are long pressed on keyboard and also when navigating through text by character.
– Announces TalkBack On, Suspended and Resumed states.
– Pronounces hints for actions during linear navigation after 1 second delay.
previous versions:
– Added ability to assign shortcuts for tapping on the side of the device.
– Make new keyboard shortcuts.
– Added support for custom actions.
– Improved support for navigating web contents.
– Bugs fixes and stability improvements.