Handcent Next SMS

Replace stock Messaging (SMS / MMS) app of your phone with advanced Handcent Next SMS app. This app offers much more features and customization options than the stock messaging app. Next SMS app automatically imports all messages and can be made a default messaging app. Quickly reply to people in pop ups and make your chats fun with emojis. Backup all your messages with this app and restore them in case your rest your phone or switch to a new phone. Note that all the SMS & MMS you sent via ‘Next SMS’ are sent over phone network and not the mobile data.

Developer: Handcent
Current Version: 7.6.5
Supported OS: Android 4.0 and above

Handcent Next SMS
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What’s New:
– Silent night skin for Christmas &new year
– Fixed some known issues
– Added ability to categorize messages from unknown senders
– Added multimedia list in conversation for easier picture, video lookup
– Added mute notification mode, especially useful for group chat
– Double tap on the toolbar of conversation for quick scroll-up

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Fixed blank window issue
– Handcent 7.5 coming soon
– Support LED of Samsung Note8
– Fixed force close issue
– Fixed reply message through notification bar
– Added 5 new skins
– Add wizard that add Next SMS app to unmonitored app on Samsung app
– Fixed some known issues
– Fixed a receive sms issue
– Improved battery usage
– Fixed some known issues
– Handcent 7.4 coming soon
– Fixed force close on pop up issue
– Fixed some known issues