Mobogenie Helper

Mobogenie Helper is an Android client that you require to connect your Android smartphone or tablet with ‘Mobogenie for PC’. Without it, Mobogenie won’t work. Mostly, when you connect your device with USB data cable to PC, Mobogenie for PC automatically detects it and install necessary drivers and also install MobogenieHelper on it. But if it does not, then you can install it with APK.

Developer: Mobogenie
Current Version: 2.1.61
Supported OS: Android 2.2 and above

Mobogenie Helper
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Safe APK: Mobogenie Helper APK was fetched using an Android device and published here without any modifications. See its hashes on download page.

App Screenshot:
MobogenieHelper - Android Picks

A little intro of this app and features are given below:
– Lets you connect your device with Mobogenie for PC over USB and WiFi. Choose how you want to connect.
– Connection over Wi-Fi is secure. You need to enter passcode on PC client which appears on MobogenieHelper. It’s just not an open Wi-Fi connection where anyone could connect.
– Wi-Fi connectivity is super fast. You can transfer files to and fro quickly. You can install apps and also export them to PC as APKs. For maximum transfer speed, connect over USB.
– Fully compatible with ARMv6, ARMv7 and other architectures.

Note that you need to enable USB Debugging setting from phone’s setting menu to let ‘Mobogenie for PC’ connect to your Android devices. You can find it under Developer options. Mobogenie Helper won’t install unless you enable “Unknown Sources” setting from settings menu.

• We try our best to provide latest MobogenieHelper APK. But if we have missed an update and there is a newer version available, notify us in comments section below.

What’s New:
– New app icon.
– Minor improvements.