My Data Manager

My Data Manager can help you keep eye on your data consumption and let you avoid exceeding limit unknowingly and eventually save your money. Mobile data is usually expensive thus tracking it and getting notified would be better than losing the credit when data package is exhausted. Mostly, mobile data tracking feature comes pre-included in mobile devices. But if your phone is missing that or that is too featureless to use, just install a third party app like My Data Manager and get a hand on free and advanced data usage tracking app.

Developer: Mobidia Technology
Current Version: 7.5.1
Supported OS: Android 4.0 and above

My Data Manager
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My Data Manager (Data Usage) app offers multiple features one would wish to get complete record of internet activity and data consumption by installed apps and games that connect to internet. This way, you would be able to understand which apps or games on your device are data hungry. Usually browsers and social media applications leads the list with highest data consumption. But there are several games as well that require frequent access to internet to download game data or uploading achievements. My Data Manager app also helps you limit your data usage when you are traveling or roaming. The notable app features are listed below:

– Monitor data usage on mobile data, WiFi and roaming.
– See which apps and games are consuming the most data.
– Manage data usage across multiple devices. Track data consumed by family members who are using your shared plan.
– Keeps record of data usage during past several months thus let you understand what your actual requirements are.
– Know whether your WiFi consumption is higher or mobile data.
– Set custom alarms to get notified whenever you are crossing the limit.

What’s New:
7.3.1 – 7.5.1
– Added support for per-app usage tracking on Android N devices.
– Note: some users on Marshmallow were also affected by this (all data was being attributed to “OS Services”). Please update to this version to resolve this issue.

Overview of Previous Updates:
Introducing Plan Matcher™!
– My Data Manager will now keep tabs on mobile plans from dozens of carriers and automatically recommend the best ones based on your usage history.
In this version Plan Matcher has the following improvements:
– New filters when seeing the best plans
– For shared plans, you can now see the best results per line
This feature is available in the US only for the time being.
previous versions:
– Supports Hindi and Indonesian language.
– Bug fixes and stability improvements.