OpenSignal (3G 4G WiFi Maps & SpeedTest) is a nice tool to analyze, test and map cellular networks and WiFi and improve signals reception and get faster data. Using it, you can find public WiFi nearby, check coverage map for 2G, 3G and LTE of mobile networks in your country and also measure the speed of your internet connection.

Current Version: 5.23
Supported OS: Android 4.1 and above

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App Screenshot:

OpenSignal data is based upon its millions of users. So, the data accuracy is quite trustworthy. The app utilizes Google Maps to display coverage of cellular networks and WiFi and also the location of cellular towers. You can see your own device on map and the mobile towers it is connected to. OpenSignal Android App requires your satellite location turned on and internet connectivity to function. The basic app features are listed below:
– Small size and responsive app layout.
– Helps you to connect to nearest cellular tower to improve signals reception and speedup internet.
– Signal compass points your device in the direction of signals.
– Displays coverage map of cellular networks. Choose specific network type to precisely check its coverage.
– Displays maps of nearby public Wifi.
– Check the location of your device and cellular towers it is connected to. Check the location of all nearby cellular towers (base stations) in your area.
– Network Rank reveals which carrier is best in your area.
– Builtin speedtest feature helps you test your internet speed (download and upload) and latency.

What’s New:
Further performance improvements: this one should have better battery usage.
– Missing towers fix part 2
– Fixed bug where the line to connected tower wasn’t visible
– New navigation icons
– Quick action shortcuts for Android 7.1+
– Updated French and Russian translations
– Background performance improvements
– Fixed memory leak (towers/speed test history screens should load much smoother now)

Overview of Previous Updates:
5.16 – 5.18
– New bottom bar (using Google’s Design Library)
– We encourage you to participate whenever you see a message from us in the app
– Bug fixes
– Small fixes for network measurement.
– A fix for picking up a remote configuration.
– Bug fixes for dual SIM collection.
– New speedtest share dialog and sharing image
– Submit Indoors/Outdoors reports after speedtest – so we can learn to distinguish indoor vs outdoor coverage and speeds
– Holidays treat: It’s snowing on the speedtest! – don’t like the cold? you can turn it off in the settings.
– Revamped permissions model (Android 6.0 and above)
– See what permissions are required by each feature of the app in context.
– Bug less app: We quite literally mean less bugs (some might have escaped our bug net)
– Fixes for coverage tab
– Support for iWLAN
– Improvements to data collection
previous versions:
– Supports more zoom levels in coverage maps for enhanced details.
– Better reporting of dropped calls.
– Removed unused contacts permissions.
– Fixed background app crashes.
– Stability improvements.