Polaris Office + PDF

Polaris office + PDF is an all-in-one Android office app developed to create, edit and view all kinds of documents on mobile devices. Whether the document was created using Microsoft Office, Google Docs or Adobe Acrobat, users can open and edit them with free Polaris Office. Wide range of document formats are supported by this app with highest level of compatibility. The integrated cloud let you access your documents on any device. You can share them with people via email, messaging, cloud storage or social networks.


Developer: Polaris Office Corp.
Current Version: 7.3.19
Supported OS: Android 4.1 and above

Polaris Office
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Polaris office offers wide range of features. From editing office documents to creating PDFs and converting them all features are free. The core app features are listed below in detail:

– Create Microsoft Office documents that are compatible with Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
– Fully supports doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf and txt formats.
– Create notes, assignments and official documents in Words, make nice presentations and elaborate spreadsheets. – – Various spreadsheet functions available that include over 300 formulas for Arithmetic, Finance, Date/time, Statistical, Database, Look up and more.
– Use Google Chromecast feature for presentation. Make presentations with pen and pointer features.
– Create new PDF documents or convert other documents to PDF and Memo.
– Add and edit header, footer, end-note and foot-note. Ruler is also available.
– Offers different templates, 2D/3D charts, shapes and slide transition effects.
– Supports taking notes in personal handwriting.
– Camera mode that can be used to take pictures and applied to the document. Supports inserting and playing video clips.
– Supports opening zip files directly.
– Archive important and required documents separately.
– Supports multiple cloud hosting services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, uCloud and WebDAV clouds.
– Polaris office automatically synchronizes documents to cloud for faster and easier access to them. Supports synchronizing documents across multiple devices.
– Search for all your documents with filename, text within a document, and more options. Provides variety of sorting options to find a document easily.
– Supports protecting documents with app passcode.
– Supports multiple languages including Korean, English, Spanish, Portuguese and more.

What’s New:
7.3.16 – 7.3.19
– Fixed the error that the app is closed when entering ‘Starred Docs’ tab on which there is only one document.
– Fixed the error that the app is closed when using a line-break key in the formula bar of Sheet document.
– Fixed other issues that we found from customer reviews and inquiries.

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Able to inactive the sound volume of media Ads on the setting
– Support the function to register coupon on application for easy upgrade.
– Fixed the error that exit the application when saving after delete a table on particular document.
– Fixed other bugs to help You enjoy our product without any inconveniences.
– Offer the multi window function for more convenient working with document
– Able to inactive the sound volume of media Ads on the setting
– Fixed the text broken error that occurred after zoom in on Word document.
– Fixed the error that hyperlink is linked to figure shape on Sheet and Slide document.
– Fixed other bugs to help You enjoy our product without any inconveniences.
– ‘Save as’ Error displaying a document in an existing name when saved in External Storage has been fixed.
– Hotkey error with a Bluetooth Keyboard has been fixed.
– Fixed other bugs to help You enjoy our product without any inconveniences.
– You can get a Free PDF Export if you watch a rewarded advertisement. (* Some countries are not supported)
– Send Anywhere Connection has been added so that you could transfer file conveniently.
– The occassional error that occurred when you export as PDF from Cloud Storage has been fixed.
– ‘Unable to Open File’ Error(Error -3 or Error -4) has been fixed.
– Other reported errors have been fixed additionally.
– You can get a 50% discount when you subscribe to the Smart and Pro plan. (April 27 ~ May 10)
– Resolved Zoom in-out bug that occasionally occurred when editing certain WORD documents.
– Fixed other bugs to help you enjoy our product without any inconveniences.
– Added Bluetooth keyboard function and improved stability.
– You may easily scroll using Bluetooth keyboard in the Sheet view mode.
– Improved Excel document’s editing speed.
– Fixed a bug where certain Excel and PDF document terminated unexpectedly.
– Fixed a bug of some ads displayed even after purchasing Remove-Ad product.
– Fixed other bugs to help You enjoy our product without any inconveniences.
7.3.2 – 7.3.3
– (Paid) You can convert PDF documents to WORD, SHEET, or SLIDE documents and edit them.
– Fixed other bugs to help You enjoy our product without any inconveniences.
– Added a new in-App purchase product that allows users to use Polaris Office without ads on Android Phones and Tablets.
– You can directly share your documents in the document editor.
– Fixed issues reported by users in reviews and inquiries.