Popular WinRAR for Windows is now available for Android as “RAR” with almost same functionality and features. No more hassle of extracting files on PC and then moving them to mobile device. Just quickly and easily extract all the files on your smartphone or Android tablet and start using them. If you want to send files to someone, gather them and compress them all in one archive and send them. You will also conserve phone data when sending compressed files over internet. RAR for Android is an ad supported product. All its features are offered free of charge. You may pay to disable ads on it.


Developer: RARLABS, win.rar GmbH
Current Version: 5.60.build56
Supported OS: Android 4.2 and above

Safe APK: RAR APK was fetched from Play Store and published here without any modifications. see it hashes on download page.
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App Screenshot:
RAR - Android Picks

RAR contains a built-in file explorer that makes it easier for users to access files and archives stored on device. This small size app consumes very few system resources even when extracting archives and works equally well on slower devices. App features are mentioned below:

– Supports extracting RAR, ZIP, TAR, BZ2, GZ, XZ, 7z, ISO and ARJ archives.
– Supports unzipping ZIP and ZIPX with BZIP2, LZMA and PPMd compressions.
– Supports unpacking all version of RAR archive including latest RAR5.
– RAR supports password protected and multi-parts archives.
– Supports creating RAR and ZIP archives. Apply password and set compression method.
– While archiving, you may use recovery record, recovery volume, encryption, solid archive options and utilize multiple CPU cores to compress data function to customize archives and speed up the archiving process.
– RAR Application is capable of repairing damaged RAR and ZIP archives.
– Contains standard RARLab’s benchmark function.

What’s New:
5.50 build56
Bugs fixed:
a) RAR crashed when creating ZIP archives on the external SD card in Android 8;
b) RAR failed to unpack some ZIP archives compressed with PPMd algorithm.

Overview of Previous Updates:
– “Repair” command efficiency is improved for recovery record protected RAR5 archives. Now it can detect deletions and insertions of unlimited size also as shuffled data including data taken from several recovery record protected archives and merged into a single file in arbitrary order.
– RAR 5.50 build 46 failed to unpack split .001, .002 files. Fixed.
– RAR 5.60 build 48 could fail to unpack some large ZIP files. Fixed.
5.50 Build 44
– More secure AES-256 is used instead of Zip 2.0 legacy encryption when creating encrypted ZIP archives.
– Added support for Unix extended timestamp extra fields in ZIP archives. RAR can extract UTC time stored in such fields.
– RAR failed to unpack files in ZIP archives compressed with XZ algorithm and encrypted with AES. Fixed now.
– When tapping on checkboxes in file list, the animation circle was displayed at wrong position in Android 6.0+. Fixed now.
5.50 Build 43
– Added extraction support for .lz and .tar.lz archives created by Lzip compressor.
– Total operation progress is displayed when extracting or testing multiple
archives at once. Previously RAR displayed per archive progress in such case.
– Long pressing Back button did not close RAR in Android 7. Fixed now.
– Added support for PAX extended headers in TAR archives. Such headers are utilized by modern TAR tools to store high precision file times and lengthy file names.
– If wrong password is entered when unpacking an encrypted file in RAR5 archive, RAR proposes to enter a valid password for same file again instead of aborting extraction.
– “Information” command in previous versions did not display ZIP archive comment if comment length was less than 24 characters. Fixed now.
– RAR asks for permission to access files when running for the first time on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Does not require permission later on.
– RAR can be closed by long pressing Back button or from Exit command present in options menu.
– Bugs fixes.