Sensors Multitool

Learn about your phone sensors with Sensors Multitool Android app. The complete details about your device sensors are displayed along with real-time graphical representation. Graphs can assist you in learning about the performance of each sensor. In addition to sensors, you can also see the information about your phone battery, GPS and WiFi Network you are currently connected to.

Developer: Wered Software
Current Version: 1.3.0
Supported OS: Android 4.0 and above

Sensors Multitool
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App Screenshot:

– Supports all sensors of your Android device (phone or tablet).
– See the sensors data in real time.
– Learn about make and model of your device sensors.
– See how much power is being consumed by each sensor.
– Real time graphical representation of sensors data.
– See the detailed information about battery and WiFi network.
– See your geographical position with GPS and other details.
– Clean and simple app interface for best user experience.
– Supports disabling ads. (not recommended)

What’s New:
– new funcionality to save sensors state

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Added option to remove ads
– Fixed temperature and relative humidity sensors