SHAREit – Transfer & Share

Share your files across devices with SHAREit. No internet connection is required. This app uses WiFi hotspot to connect to other devices and send files as fast as possible (speed depends upon hardware capability). SHAREit supports cross-platform file sharing which means the files that are stored on your Android phone can be shared with devices powered by Windows Phone, iOS, Microsoft Windows and Mac. Just install this app on all the devices across which files have to be shared.

App Screenshots:

Developer: SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd
Current Version: 4.0.38_ww
Supported OS: Android 4.1 and above

Safe APK: SHAREit APK was fetched from Play Store and published here without any modifications. See its hashes on download page.
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SHAREit Android app features include:
– Fast and safe file sharing across devices and platforms.
– Share files between your Android phones, tablets and desktop PC.
– SHAREit uses you mobile phones WiFi hotspot to connect to other devices.
– Top speed can be as high as 20 MB/s which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
– Supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and MAC OS.
– Share photos, videos, audios and apps between devices. (Android apps transferred to notebook will be saved as APK files)
– Supports controlling PPT directly with your phone.
– Supports replicating contacts, SMS, MMS, apps and files stored on your older Android phone to the new Android phone.
– Easy to use app interface.

What’s New:
– Added offline short videos, you will surely get addictive
– Adjusted page layout for you to access contents more rapidly
– Optimized online video player

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Funny photos, interesting news, and cute pets… whatever you want, all in Photo channel.
– Optimized overall performances to watch videos more swiftly and save more data
– You can directly check your friends’ updates of Share Zone in Portal
– Added 8 new avatars
– Bug fixes and details optimization
3.8.18_ww – 3.8.25_ww
– Optimized details of Share Zone
– Fixed a bug related to space cleaning
– Added music player function
– Added residual files reminder function
– Other minor adjustment and optimization
3.7.8_ww – 3.7.18_ww
– Added built-in video player to open received or local videos directly;
– Added App Manager to analyze and manage all the apps & apks.
3.6.92_ww – 3.6.98_ww
– Added the Group Share feature. Group send or receive files by tapping the button on the lower part of homepage.
– Added the Space Analyzer feature in “Received” files. Exactly display and timely handle your mobile storage status, duplicate photos and big files, etc.
– Enhanced some other performances.
– Supported pressing a file to open it on the Choose File page;
– Fixed some bugs to improve transfer experience;
– Supported sending text files by taking photos and also sending all types of files;
– Enhanced the feeds smoothness.
– Added the function of sending and receiving text messages
– Supports enlarging photos in the Received module
– Optimized the file path prompt
– Fixed App crash bug with few phones
– Fixed the problem of some devices that receive pictures but don’t display in gallery
– Added built-in cleaning function, release more storage space on devices
– Added Urdu version