Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle Music Player is yet another audio player nicely built for playing all kinds of audio media on Android phones and tablets. The stock media player of Android is limited to playing fewer formats. Also, that lacks several customization features. So, you may give Shuttle Music Player a try to have several advanced features which you need and play all those audio files which you were not able to play before with default music player. This app has got two versions: freeware and paid with paid version (Shuttle+) giving extra features in addition to all the free features.

Developer: SimpleCity
Current Version: 1.6.7
Supported OS: Android 4.1 and Above

Shuttle Music Player
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Shuttle Music Player app is built keeping all sorts of Android devices in mind. It is light in weight and responsive to touch and playback. The app user interface is modern and stylish. Features included are:
– Built in 6 band equalizer with bass boost.
– Bass boost can amplify the sound quality with bass effect.
– Gap-less playback makes it sure that audio files keep playing without any delay.
– Embedded lyrics and downloadable lyrics both are supported.
– Shuttle player can automatically download the artwork.
– The app has got sleep timer which can be customized when it should quit its activity.
– Contains widget function which displays on home screen. Any type of audio can be directly played from that without opening app itself.
– Shuttle player has got lots of free themes which users can apply to customize and upgrade the look and feel of app.
– Supported audio formats include, mp3, mp2, wma, ogg, wav, aac, aac+, m4a and many more.

Additional features included in Shuttle+ Music Player are id3 tag editing, folder browsing, chrome casting to TV and tons of more themes.

What’s New:
– Fixed an issue where searching didn’t work very well for songs/albums/artists with multiple words in the name
– Fixed an issue where inverted notification icons aren’t visible
– Fixed a crash when choosing to invert icons on API < 21. This feature is no longer available on such devices - Fixed an issue where songs with no album tag information ended up being grouped under one artist - Added accessibility content descriptions to notification buttons - See changelog for more Overview of Previous Updates:
– Fixed playlist sorting
– Fixed tag editing on SD card
– Crash fixes
– Minor changes (see changelog in app)
– Minor UI & crash fixes
– Album artist support
– Major performance improvements
– Launcher shortcuts
– Material-style animations
– New artwork picker
– Tag editor overhaul
– Search improvements
– ‘Suggested screen’ improvements
– Faster artwork loading/downloading
– More blacklisting options
– Tons of crash fixes
– Supports Android Marshmallow.
– Fixed ‘green tint’ on artwork.
– Fixed default album sort order.
– Added ‘resume on connect’ option for bluetooth.
– Background service timeout increased from 1 to 5 minutes.
– ‘Previous button’ added to notification. Swipe when paused to dismiss.
– Several bug and crashes fixed.
previous versions
– New material design.
– Performance and stability improvements. Significantly reduced RAM usage.
– Updated and improved translation.