System App Remover

System App Safe Remover is a complete uninstall utility that not only delete system apps but also user installed apps. Often times, several bloatware and unwanted applications come preinstalled on Android devices that just waste system resources and storage memory. Mostly, you can not delete such apps as those are locked from uninstalling. To remove system and other unwanted apps, you may use System App Remover. But before starting with it, you must root your phone as removing system apps require root permission.

Developer: Jumobile
Current Version: 3.6.2019
Supported OS: Android 2.3 and above

System App Remover
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System App Remover - Android Picks

System App Remover offers safe removal of system app with restore feature. So, if you accidentally remove a necessary app that is required by your device for functioning correctly, you can restore that back from recycle bin. Other app features are listed below:

– Give suggestions which system apps you must keep and which one you can remove to keep your phone functioning correctly.
– Remove multiple apps at once with System Remover App.
– You can move apps to SD card or internal storage..
– App displays package name for APKs and details like size and path for applications.
– It can let you open the specific app or search for it in app market.
– Scan device for all APKs.
– Batch rename APKs and batch move APK to certain directory.
– Execute APK to install it. Know details about it.
– Remove any user-installed applications in addition to system applications. For safety reason, all removed apps are backed up which can be restored from app recycle bin.
– When you exit from System Remover App, it completely releases the consumed memory thus eliminating any load on system resources.
– Users are allowed to remove ads from apps settings. (Ads will disappear after you relaunch app. We recommend to keep them running to support developers.)

What’s New:
– System app: Added APK Extractor.
– User app: Added Sort by path.
– APK manager: Added copy to Clipboard for app package & APK path in App details.
– Added uninstall suggestion.
– Fixed bugs.