Textra SMS

Textra replaces your phone’s stock Android messaging app. Get material design themes, emojis and many more features with this custom SMS & MMS app. Text and multimedia messages that are sent over mobile network can be sent or received with this app. Note that Textra works as standalone app and does not remove your stock messaging app. Thus you can switch back to that any time.

Developer: Delicious Inc.
Current Version: 4.22
Supported OS: Android 4.1 and above

Safe APK: No mod, no malware. Safe to install.
Signature: 1BA23FAA58443E811F8352118377846149EFD5C7

App Screenshot:
Textra - Android Picks

– Send and receive all your messages (SMS/MMS) with Texta.
– Schedule sending SMS and MMS. Once scheduled, messages will be sent later.
– Supports delayed sending. Thus you can delete any accidentally sent message in timely manner.
– Slide to delete messages from the app.
– Quick snap camera. Take images from device camera and send instantly.
– Multi-select picture gallery.
– Quick reply pop-up. Reply instantly with this feature.
– Supports MMS group messaging.
– Textra offers 100+ material design themes, app icon colors, dark and light modes.
– Customize your preferred bubble color, signatures and notifications. Notifications customization includes icon color, LED color, sound, vibration, privacy, reminders and muting.
– 1600+ Android, Twitter, Emoji One & iOS style emojis.
– Additional features include quick voice memo, SMS blocking, auto audio and video compression before sending and over 21 text sizes.
– Compatible with Pushbullet and MightyText for desktop notifications and replying.

What’s New:
– bug fixes

– For weblink pre-rendered ‘snippets’ we no longer display those for sent messages (you know what you sent).
– For weblink pre-rendered ‘snippets’ we only display them for http and https prefixed URLs.
– Added support for icon badging on the latest SONY phones.
– Improved Android O support.
– Bug fixes.

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Added PURE BLACK theme option.
– Added Textra Settings > Customize Notifications > ‘During Phone Call’ options.
– Added ability to send an ’empty’ message (some countries require this to top-up for example bus passes). Press space bar then press the send icon.
– Textra now works with most in-car bluetooth message systems, so for example if your car reads your messages, Textra will now mark them as read and clear the notifications.
– Bug fixes.
– Any third party app that ‘counts unread messages’ from the Android SMS / MMS database will NOW work with Textra. For example Samsung watches, Blackberry HUB, Fitbits, Car systems etc.
– Fixed up missing Emoji. Apologies!
– Bug fixes.
Important: In relation to the first point above, you may NOW need to TURN OFF Notifications from other installed SMS apps, via their settings. Otherwise you’ll get multiple notifications.