Intro: Twitter app is designed to connect you to the world of twitter, get updates from people, brands and products you are following and speak up your mind by summing it up in 140 characters. Twitter has been around since 2006 and today, it has become one of the most popular social networking platform over internet. Famous celebrities, politicians, activists use it to express themselves. Researchers, bloggers and writers use it to draw people attention to their work. Manufacturers and corporations use it to advertise about their new products and services. News channels and news papers use it to broadcast latest news.

Note: To find and download Twitter old versions APK scroll down the page or click here: Previous Versions

Developer: Twitter
Current Version: 8.22.0-release.00
Supported OS: Android 5.0 and above

Safe APK: No mod, no malware. Safe to install.
Signature: 40F3166BB567D3144BCA7DA466BB948B782270EA

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Previous Versions:

• Twitter 8.22.0
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• Twitter 6.29.0
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• Twitter 6.28.0
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• Twitter 6.27.1
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• Twitter 6.21.0
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• Twitter 6.18.0
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• Twitter 5.81
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• Twitter 5.53
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Twitter app mostly comes pre-installed on Android phones and tablets. But if it is not there, you can get it through Play Store or via an APK file. The app has got plenty of useful features like getting notifications about who retweets, likes and replies to the users’ tweets. Twitter users receive frequents updates from the followed accounts thus, they can retweet the tweets or write comments. Twitter app also shows promoted trends and popular trends. Hashes can be used to quickly find tweets about topics users love the most. Users can attach and send pictures already saved on phone or take new pictures using phone camera. Tweets can be made lively by using emojis, emoticons, photos, videos, vines and GIFs. Now, users can forward tweets to other apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Line or share them via email or SMS. Links from YouTube, Instagram, Spotify and Pandora can be tweeted directly with this app.

The Twitter application is developed keeping entry level, mid range and high end mobile devices in mind. It can be equally used on slower devices without worrying that it will eat up all the system resources or occupy all the free space left on phone. The app is smaller in size but quite responsive and gives smoother user experience.

What’s New:
A few updates to make Twitter even better.

Overview of Previous Updates
– Adding comments to other people’s tweets have been made easier.
– Highlights: a simple summary of the best Tweets for people.
Previous version
– Now, have a private conversation with a group of people.
– Shoot videos, edit and share them on twitter.
– Improved stability and responsiveness.
– Bug fixes.