Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo provides mailing, web search, advertising, web portal, financial, directory, communication and several other service of which most are free. Yahoo Messenger (YM) is a messaging client which is used for communication with friends, and to stay in touch with co-workers and other people. This messenger is one of the oldest and most used communication service which was once a rival of Windows Live Messenger of Microsoft. Originally built for PC, Yahoo Messenger is now also available for multiple mobile platforms including Android and offers same features as PC client does.

Developer: Yahoo
Current Version: 2.6.0
Supported OS: Android 4.4 and above

Yahoo Messenger
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Yahoo Messenger New - Android Picks

The official Yahoo Messenger app for Android is evolving to become one of the most popular apps on Google Play Store. The app has got nice and easy to use interface. Messenger app is designed for use on variety of Android devices including phones and tablets. No matter you have a small screen phone or a large screen tablet, this app will adapt to screen size. The feature Yahoo Messenger provides are listed below:

– Text chat with friends and other people. Create groups for group chatting with multiple people.
– Share your photos and videos captured with camera or already stored on device.
– Share multiple photos at once. Swipe to view photos beautifully displayed in a carousel. App also supports sending and playing GIFs.
– Like messages and pictures in conversations. Also supports saving individual conversations.
– Displays notifications whenever you receive a new message. Notifications pop up in notification menu. The app is designed to run in background and allow immediate reception of new messages.
– Stay online on PC and Android at the same time with Yahoo Messenger PC and Android app.
– Chat with Facebook, Windows Live and other social network friends and send free international SMS. (Not available in current version)
– Newer versions now supports Unsend feature which will remove conversation already sent to people.
– Optimized for using with Google Talkback.
– Supports offline/low connectivity mode. If internet connectivity is lost, the pending conversations will be sent once you get back online.

(Note that some features have been removed from latest Yahoo Messenger versions including voice and video calling, chatting with Facebook and Windows Live friends, and sending free international SMS. If you are using older version, you may face connectivity issue)

What’s New:
2.5.0 – 2.6.0
– Big emojis! Send up to three emojis to really express yourself in a big way.
– Extra protection by using your fingerprint or passcode to access Yahoo Messenger.
– Important bug fix for users who were getting stuck in an offline state.

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Stay in the know! Now with read receipts, you can see where your friends have caught up to in the conversation.
– Now works across more devices and screen sizes, including tablets.
– Fixed several crashes.
– Important fix for push notifications
– Other bug fixes.
– Added new GIF categories to match all of your moods and reactions.
– Added ability to remove members from groups.
– The homescreen now shows conversations and suggested friends.
– Contacts are now displayed with full names.
– Bugs and crashes fixed.
– New app icon.
– New app layout.
– Supports sending GIFs and liking conversations.
– Unsend already sent conversations.
– Removed ads from Yahoo Messenger to improve user experience.
– Improved application interface.
– Performance and stability improvements.