Facebook Lite

Facebook lite is an alternative of standard Facebook app which is especially developed for lower data consumption and faster browsing Facebook in all network conditions. If you are living in remote area with low coverage or traveling at a place where you receive 2G signals on mobile phone or have slower or busy WiFi, then you may get Facebook Lite app and use Facebook on it. Since, the app uses special compression technology, pages load faster without much compromising on image quality.

Developer: Facebook
Current Version:
Supported OS: Android 4.0 and above

Facebook Lite
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Facebook Lite serves as communication tool to stay connected with friends and family, receive updates from followed pages, update your own status, hit likes on others posts and write comments. Users can explore pictures, watch videos, get feeds updates, send friends requests, and receive notifications when any activity happens. They can also start private conversations with other people, search pages, locate friends and share their own locations. Pictures and videos stored on phone or tablets can be uploaded and shared on timeline with mere touch of buttons. Users can also alter Facebook settings from within the app and see and manage any pages they own. In short, they can do almost all such things which they possibly can with standard Facebook app or mobile version of Facebook.

The app size is extremely small. So, if you own a slower Android device or don’t have enough space left to install more apps, this app is for you. Get rid of that heavy Facebook app and install this one. It will serve you as a perfect alternative. On a side note, users can also access Facebook through web browser. It works extremely fine with stock or third party web browsers.

This app is available at Play Store for all older and newer Android platforms. If it is not yet available for your device, download Facebook Lite APK and manually install it.

What’s New:
– Introducing new features on Facebook.
– Minor improvements.

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Improvements for reliability and speed.
– Watch videos on Facebook Lite.
– Improved app stability.
– Added compatibility for more devices.
– Bugs fixes.