Google Earth

Explore the world with Google Earth app for Android. Google Earth was initially developed for computer. Now, it is available for multiple mobile platforms as well. The app carries multiple features which utilizes both GPU processing and internet to stream landscapes and see related information and maps. Both WiFi and mobile data can be used for this app. Google Earth app is now available for wider range of devices including both slow and high end Android phones and tablets. If Play Store indicates incompatibility with your device, download Google Earth APK and manually install it.

Developer: Google
Current Version:
Supported OS: Android 4.1 and above

Google Earth
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Google Earth carries a long list of features all inside one small app. It is an excellent tool to explore maps, see the satellite view of land, obtain locations, fly over countries in virtual reality with enhanced 3D view and visit places on street level. Google also provides Google Maps app separately for maps only which is capable of connecting with GPS Satellite and helps users locate their own location, find paths to places and navigate while traveling. Street level view is an advanced feature which you might not find anywhere else. Google has recorded the world to move along the roads to see the buildings, on road vehicles and people around you just like you are there. Thus you can travel to those places right from your device without spending money. The faces of people and vehicle registration numbers have been blurred to maintain the level of privacy. This street view feature requires you to have a little faster Android device and internet connection to have the smoother experience.

Maps in Google Earth have multiple layers that include roads and labels, photos of places and Wikipedia information. Photos that are displayed at certain locations are often published by people that live or work there. This app also carries some other Google services like Maps gallery, maps engine, Google+ photos and Google drive. Users can adjust display and other settings according to their needs. Since, Google Earth database is extreme huge, it is not possible to download it all and use the app in offline mode. It always requires an internet connection. The newer version of this app is better optimized for device resources, has got improved layout and includes more new features

What’s New:
9.0 – 9.1
Google Earth 9 is a major upgrade with brand new features.
– Choose your own adventure with Voyager
Experience interactive stories from around the world.
– Discover new places with Knowledge Cards
Flip through cards and learn about local landmarks.
– Orbit the world in 3D
Use the new 3D button or tilt the map with two fingers.
– Snap and share a Postcard
Capture snapshots of locations and share them with your friends.
– Feeling Lucky?
Roll the dice and see where the world takes you.

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Minor improvements and bug fixes.
– Enhanced user interface, menu changes and simplified layers panel with new Photos layer
– Improved styling for roads and labels, smoother transitions
– Support for Google Drive (view KML/KMZ files)
previous version:
– Improved styling for roads and labels. Smoother transition.
– Enhanced user interface and simplified layers panel with more layers options.
– Added support for Google Drive.
– New app icon.
– Bug fixes.