Google Play Services (Google Settings)

Google Play Services (Google Settings) is used to customize Google services and applications, updating applications, providing security measures and improving user experience. These services run in background and are required to use Google apps on phone and tablets. Older phones that run with stock applications do not actually require Google settings app installed. But latest phones do require these. Additionally, if Google apps on older phones have been updated, this Google Settings app shall be required to use them.


Developer: Google Inc.
Current Version: 12.5.29 (Varies with device)
Supported OS: Android 8.0+ | 6.0+ | 5.0+ | 4.0+ | 2.3+

Safe APK: Google Play Services (Google Settings) APK was fetched from Play Store and published here without any modifications. See its hashes on download page.
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• If you are using an old phone running on Android Froyo or Gingerbread with ARMv6 architecture, download its APK here: Google Play Services (ARMv6)

• Google Play Services on Play Store


App Screenshot:
Core features included in Google Play Services (Google settings) are customizing settings for Google+. That include notifications settings, settings for photos, connecting Google Drive with photo library, auto-enhance, auto-awesome, Find My Face and location sharing features for Google+. It also enables function to keep phone contacts updated with Google+ connections. Settings for playing games can be made through this app. That include receiving notifications for multiplayers, quests notifications, requests notifications and level-up notifications. This app also connects to Google Maps thus enhancing the phone security by letting users remotely locate location of stolen phone, remote locking and erasing. Moreover, it also scans device for security threats, intrusions, and malicious applications from third party sources. Google ads that are displayed on freeware apps can be customized by opting out of interest based ads. This setting will halt the process of collecting information about personal interests. Moreover, settings related to account history can be made that includes Web & App Activity, device information, video & audio activity, YouTube search history, YouTube watch history, and Google location history.

What’s New:
– Several API improvements.
– Supported: Android Nougat, Marshmallow and previous versions.

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Wear API, Channel API, Location API, Places API and Maps API improvements.
-Maps API v2 for Android wear.
7.x and earlier versions
– API Improvements including Nearby Connections API, Fit API and GoogleApiClient API.
– Google Play Games improvements.
– API improvements including App Indexing API, Drive API, new Query result change event API and wallet API.
– Added Maps API lite mode rendering and new location settings dialogue. Ads SDK Improvements.
– Lower device resources consumption.
– Bug fixes.