Microsoft Outlook

The official Microsoft Outlook application is now also available for Android platform. Now, you can access your Microsoft email accounts (Hotmail, MSN, Live or Outlook) directly from your Android phone or tablet. Send and receive email messages, receive notifications and draft new emails. Access calendar, saved contacts and archived messages. Microsoft Outlook app synchronizes with your email accounts thus you can use them just the way you use them on PC. Not only this if you have multiple devices, Outlook app can work synchronously on them.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Current Version: 4.0.88
Supported OS: Android 5.0 and above

Microsoft Outlook
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Outlook works with multiple services like Office 365, Microsoft Exchange,, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive and iCloud. Support for more services shall be added soon. No matter you use email account for personal or official needs, Outlook app shall provide the corridor to walk you to emails and settle for good.

The app carries dual inbox, one for most important mails and the other one for irrelevant or less priority mails. other major features included are swipe to delete, quickly archive or schedule mails. Scheduled emails shall return to inbox at a later time. With built in calendar, users can add tasks, reminders and notifications for important days, events or meetings. Not only this, the meeting times from calendar can be pulled out and emailed to others. While creating new emails, attachments can be made quite easily. Photos, videos, documents and other stuff can be chosen from either phone or from cloud. Large files from cloud can be sent directly without even downloading to phone. Outlook app carries built in search facility to quickly find desired emails, messages, contacts and files by typing few letters. The inbox can be filtered to show only flagged or unread emails. Moreover, Outlook is also capable of revealing frequently contacted people and let users quickly see all related emails, attachments and files.

Try Outlook app for Android and share your feedback. Every feedback shall be counted and lead to introduction of more new features, support for more devices and improved usability. If you find difficulty fetching app through Play Store, grab its APK file and manually install it.

Overview of Updates:
Manage your notifications with Outlook’s new Do Not Disturb feature. Tap the bell icon in the left navigation to take a look!
2.1.130 – 2.1.136
– Tap the @ symbol in an email to quickly mention people and direct their attention to the things they need to see, read or do. Emails that you’re mentioned in will appear with an @ symbol in your inbox.
– Easily add people to the events you’re going to by forwarding them the invitation (Office 365 users only).
– Improved support for recurring events: Office 365 users can now edit, cancel and respond to individual events or an entire series directly from the app.
– Minor improvements and bug fixes.
– Improved Agenda Widget.
– Improvements to overall account stability.
– Performance improvements and stability fixes to working with attachments.
– Introduced new official app for outlook.
– Newer versions are bringing more new features, user interface improvements, stability and bugs fixes.