Intro: Firefox is one of the oldest and popular web browser developed and maintained by Mozilla. It gained popularity as the best internet explorer alternative in past. Now, it is being developed for Android phones and tablets as alternative to stock web browser of Android OS. Mozilla a non-profit organization has always provided this web browser for free and it always will be. Additionally, Mozilla has always supported web privacy and freedom over internet against corporate invasion.

Developer: Mozilla
Current Version: 68.2.1
Supported OS: Android 5.0 and above

Safe APK: No mod, no malware. Safe to install.
Signature: 920F4876A6A57B4A6A2F4CCAF65F7D29CE26FF2C

Download Firefox Older Versions APK

– Every new Firefox update is bringing new features, better stability and improved optimization for slower devices. – Firefox is built keeping slower devices in mind. That’s why most reviews from users and professionals are positive for this app.
– This web browser offers smoother and faster browsing experience. New Firefox loads much faster than predecessor versions. Any web page no matter if it is optimized for mobile browsing or not displays brilliantly over it.
– Firefox android app has got stylish look, easy to use interface, addons facility and much more.
– The new home panel design is customizable the way a user wants. Users can add new web contents and quickly access feeds of their subscribed sites.
– Firefox can be synchronized over multiple devices. The desktop tabs, browsing history, passwords and bookmarks can now be synchronized with Firefox on android phones and tablets.
– HTML5 has gain much popularity now. Therefore, a web browser must have excellent support for it. Firefox fully supports HTML5 and Web APIs.
– This web browser also has got support for wide range of video formats including popular h.264 (MP4). So, the videos can be directly played on web browser without taking the help of flash or external apps.
– Privacy should not be a concern when you are using Firefox. Users can freely control their privacy, security and the personal data they want to share over internet.
– Mozilla Firefox now supports more than 5 dozen languages.
– Several addons are available for Android version of Firefox. Few notable addons include AutoPager, LastPass Password Manager, NoScript, Shareaholic, FourSquare, Low Quality Flash, Adblocker plus, ProxTube, Dr. WebLink Checker etc.