How to Play Internet Videos & Watch Movies Online with MX Player and VLC [Guide]

Most web browsers have got built-in network streaming facility that allow users tp play online videos directly and without the help of any external media player. Such browsers often use Flash or HTML5 player for streaming purposes. But the player offered with them often lack advanced features which MX Player, VLC and similar other Android media players offer. The good news is, people can still use these media players to play online videos and stream movies. As a reference, we will provide solution with UC Browser.

UC Browser is a popular web browser that offers dozens of features for best user experience. If you are already using it, then you may already know this web browser give you an option to play network streaming with any external video player. If you have not used it before then install it and you will be able to play online videos with your favorite media players. Just take a look at images below to get an idea how it works:

Play with MX Player 1 - Android Picks
Play with MX Player 2 - Android Picks

Encircled in red, you see the option “Play with…” Press it and a pop up will appear that will show you media player applications that support network streaming. Select player and video will start playing on that. This “Play with…” option appears only when you play any video with UC Browser built-in media player in full screen mode. While playing in full screen on UC, press those three vertical dots and this option will appear. Also note that depending upon your device and its operating system, the location of this option could be different.

In our test, we have observed that any videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram, Metacafe, LiveLeak, Netflix and hundreds of other media sharing and streaming websites can be directly played with third party video players over the top of UC Browser. If you are using other web browsers, look for any such options that let you use media player installed on your phone or tablet.