Intro: Telegram is an instant messaging app that let you chat with your family and friends and say what you have to say in words. You can share media and stuff with your loved ones. Telegram chats are saved in cloud thus consume almost no space on your device. Telegram offers group chats and secret chats facility and on the top of that it’s end to end encrypted.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Current Version: 5.13.1
Supported OS: Android 4.1 and above
Signature: 9723E5838612E9C7C08CA2C6573B6026D7A51F8F

• Telegram Old Versions APK

Previous Versions:

• Telegram 5.12.1
Supports: Android 6.0+
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• Telegram 4.9.1
Supports: Android 6.0+
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• Telegram 4.1.1
Supports: Android 4.0+
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• Telegram 3.6.1
Supports: Android 2.3+
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• Telegram 3.3.2
Supports: Android 2.2+
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– You chats are saved in cloud thus no memory is used from your device
– Chats are accessible from multiple devices where you have logged into your telegram account
– Share photos, videos and links with people
– Telegram chats are end to end encrypted thus keeping you away from spying eyes.
– Create groups and add people to them for group chatting.
– Telegram offers secret chats feature. Whatever you say or share in secret chats self destructs from participating devices thus keeping your privacy.
– Telegram is ads free and also free to use.