Wifi Analyzer

Analyze the Wi-Fi connections around you. Check the signals strength, channel, frequency, MAC address, make of Wi-Fi device and security type of all Wi-Fi signals that your Android device is catching. The app also displays the IP address of the Wi-Fi connection that you are currently connected to. If you are setting up router or Wi-Fi hotspot, analyzing channels of different Wi-Fi connections is must to select a channel that will cause least interference and give maximum speed. So for that purpose Wifi Analyzer app has got channel rating feature that rates the channels and also gives you the recommendations which channels will suit you the best.

Developer: farproc
Current Version: 3.10.5-L
Supports OS: Android 2.3 and above

Wifi Analyzer
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Wifi Analyzer - Android Picks

Wifi Analyzer Android app can be used on any device that has got Wi-Fi connectivity. To analyze the mobile network signals, we recommend you to use OpenSignal application. The notable features of Wifi Analyzer app are listed below:

– Small app size and wide compatibility with multiple Android platforms.
– Helps you to find less crowded Wi-Fi channels. Using less crowded channel will help boost the speed.
– Displays signals power in dBm. See the frequency of Wi-Fi connections.
– Displays MAC and make of device that is radiating Wi-Fi signals.
– Displays channel graph and time graph to give you the visual data of Wi-Fi.
– Channel ratings and recommendations to simplify channel selection.
– AP-List lists all the Wi-Fi connections that your device is detecting.
– Signal meter can visualize signals power of any Wi-Fi.
– Take snapshot of application activity.
– Wifi Analyzer is an Ad supported application that also allows you to temporarily disable ads. (We recommend you to leave them on to support developers)

What’s New:
– New translations added.
– OUI db updated.

Overview of Previous Updates:
Bugs fixed.
– Shows correct channel width if available.
previous versions:
– Added compatibility for Android Marshmallow 6.0.1
– Bugs fixes.