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If you have used Windows Phone and you loved its layout, then Launcher 8 (also known as WP Launcher or Fake Wp8) application can emulate that style on Android phones and tablets and gives you the feel and look of Windows Phone. This launcher app will also help you to get rid off the same old Android UI of the phone which you are used to see daily.

Developer: XinYi Dev Team
Current Version: 3.5.9
Supported OS: Android 4.0 and above

Launcher 8
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Safe APK: Launcher 8 (WP Launcher) APK was fetched from Play Store and published here without any modifications. See its hashes on download page.
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Launcher 8 - Android Picks

WP Launcher (Launcher 8) is safe, clean and handy app which you can use to customize Windows Phone layout for your android phone the way you want. You can design and save new themes and swap between them any time you wish. The good thing about it you do not need to root the phone to use it. It will run on the top of basic Android user interface and therefore, your phone will stay in stock position. You can uninstall or disable it to switch back to standard UI of your android phone or tablet.

The core features included in this app are adding and customizing tiles with different sizes and variety of colors. You can create new themes, save them and later restore them. You can edit start screen layout and set the current background style. Android widgets can be added in tiles. The style of application list can be switched and you can also set WP8 style lock screen and status bar. Several theme colors are already available which you can choose and apply. Other features included are special features tiles for Live gallery, Live contacts, LED light and time.

This application requires some permissions to read the phone data which are made once at the time of installation. The permissions include reading contact data for live contacts, call dialer access, access to messaging feature, LED light needs to access phone camera and downloading new themes need to access the network. The notification features for messaging and third party messengers require activation from the application settings of Launcher 8. A newbie user might face difficulty making necessary adjustments and turning on and off features. But once got grip on it which anyone can in few minutes, it is a fun application to use. Few free themes for Launcher 8 are also available at Play Store which users can install and try. Launcher 8 Pro verion is also available at PlayStore to buy it. The extra features included in that are changing tiles from 4 rows to 6 rows for larger screens and animated avatar tile for single contact. All other features are included in free version.