WP Launcher (Launcher 8) Old Versions APK

If you are not satisfied with latest version, you may install WP Launcher (Launcher 8) older version back by getting any of its previous version APK. See the list of available versions below.

Intro: WP Launcher gives you the feel of Windows Phone on the top of your Android phone.

WP Launcher (Launcher 8) Latest Version APK

Select and Download WP Launcher older version APK below. More stable versions will be added soon.

• WP Launcher 3.4.9
Download >>

• WP Launcher 3.4.5
Download >>

• WP Launcher 3.4.4
Download >>

• WP Launcher 3.3.6
Download >>

• WP Launcher 3.2.6
Download >>

• WP Launcher 3.2.4
Download >>

• WP Launcher 3.2.0
Download >>

• WP Launcher 3.1.8
Download >>

• WP Launcher 2.6.7
Download >>

Safe APKs: All WP Launcher (Launcher 8) APKs that you download from this site are original and not altered in any way. Hashes are posted on download page for confirmation.
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Overview of Features:
– Custom & featured tiles
– Lock screen
– Status bar
– DIY Folder
– Multiple themes and wallpapers
– App notifications

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