Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a useful tool for advanced users to modify apps and games, change permissions, disable advertising, in-app and LVL emulation, modify signature, disable license verification, backup and clone applications. Lucky Patcher does work on non-rooted devices but having a rooted device gives you full control over all its features.


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Developer: ChelpuS
Current Version: 6.7.9
Supported OS: Android 2.3 and above

Lucky Patcher
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[ Signature: 5C64A3D080392DF150846867B666664E55530D66]


What’s New:
– Speed up custom patches engine for android 7;
– Update translations;
– Update custom patches.

Overview of Previous Updates:
– Add “Make data and cache backups for installation” for “Uninstall and Install”.
– Custom patches updated.
– Translations updated.
– Bugs fixed.

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